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All the cheers and player nicknames you need!

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Team Cheers

Call and Response: WHOSE KICKS? OUR KICKS



TWO OUT RALLY (innings with two outs and no hits)

Player Cheers

Sebastian Woodman: PINE IS FINE

Beasley Gloom: WHO'S A GOOD BOY

Blood Hamburger: BLOOD

Gunther O'Brian: Gunther is doing his best!

Joe Voorhees: Voorhees a jolly good fellow!

Workman Gloom: GLOOM AND DLOOM, DLOOM AND GLOOM, GLOOM GANG (especially when Beasley Gloom is pitching)

Player Nicknames

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Velazquez Alstott a.k.a. Baby, Twofer
Morrow Doyle (now on the Flowers) a.k.a. MD, Doc, 502
Blankenship Fischer (RIP in peace) a.k.a. TEETH, The Holy Molar, Howler
Cornelius Games a.k.a. CORN, Big Games Hunter, WHIPpet, Don't Play No
Beasley Gloom a.k.a. Buddy Boy, The Underdog, GOOD BOI, Good Dog
Ren Hunter a.k.a. She-Run Ren
Gunther O'Brian a.k.a. Strike-Out O'Brian
Matteo Prestige (RIP in peace) a.k.a. The Pledge, The Turn, Matteo 'The' Prestige
Esme Ramsey NO
Hotbox Sato a.k.a. Smokey (and the bandits)
Antonio Wallace a.k.a. Tony, Wally